Whether they are called pop can airplanes, soda can airplanes, beer can airplanes or aluminum can airplanes, you will find them all here.  There is a page listing all the free pop can airplane plans, and another page listing websites that are selling the plans.

We even have a page with other aluminum can crafts to make - all from free soda cans.

The pop can airplane instructions page is our how to build pop can airplanes page. We walk you step by step through building an airplane from soda cans.

You'll find plans in a variety of different styles and shapes, easy to make to difficult, but you are bound to find something that you'll want to build.

Looking to use your empty cans for creating new wonderful things? You have come to the perfect place. We provide the simplest and easiest ways to make the beer can airplanes.
Trust us; it is not a tough task. Just follow our free pop can airplane plans that help you make a pop can airplane in almost no time.

Our plans are specially made for people like you who want to make beer can airplanes. A beer can or pop can airplane offers a nice way to show your creativity.

You can make beer can airplanes or build the aluminum can airplanes and set them up in your room. They make for interesting showpieces and can be wonderful recreational items. You can spend your free time building can planes using our free pop can airplane plans.

Our free pop can airplane plans offer a way to build something useful out of your waste, and at the same time let you have a lot of fun while indulging in the activity. Why throw these cans in the trash, when you can build something useful out of them. It is a nice way to use your creativity while doing something useful.

These pop can airplane plans are a result of detailed study and immense creativity put in by people who regularly utilize their waste cans to build beautiful aluminum can airplanes.

So go ahead indulge yourself a little, have a look at our free pop can airplane plans and utilize your creativity and some waste cans to build something that is not only a way to let out your creativity, but to also use your free time for something useful.

Pop Can Airplanes is full of free plans and projects to help you get started, for both the beginner and experienced. Simply find a great free plan and build your airplane today!