Find out how others are making a business out of selling pop can airplanes and more.

Empty beer cans good as model planes

Here's a video showing some planes made from beer cans.

Planes, trains and more crafted from aluminum V8 cans
Bill Allshouse shows off the sculptures he has created with empty V8 cans recently at the Wexford, where he lives. He has made a motorcycle, an airplane, a huge ship and more.

Recycle Aluminum Cans Into Useful Items or Crafts
Use aluminum cans to make pull tab sculptures, sheet aluminum for crafts, buttons, fruit fly trap or outdoor candle lamp.

Aluminum Can Butterfly
You can make a butterfly hair clip using an aluminum can.

Artist Turns Cans Into Model Airplanes

Chester Brown's love of airplanes inspired him to create aluminum can airplanes out of his house in Marion.