Uncover the Latest Buzz on Pop Can Airplanes - Explore the Thriving Business of Selling and Beyond

Recycle Aluminum Cans Into Useful Items or Crafts
Use aluminum cans to make pull tab sculptures, sheet aluminum for crafts, buttons, fruit fly trap or outdoor candle lamp.

Artist Turns Cans Into Model Airplanes
Chester Brown's love of airplanes inspired him to create aluminum can airplanes out of his house in Marion.

From Soda Cans into Airplanes
Aluminum can crafts take flight! Wayne Mathis, creator of B.C. Air Originals, builds stunning airplane models from beverage cans. With 53 models available on his website, he offers plans for $10 to $20. While some customers have flown them with added motors, these intricate designs are meant for display. Wayne's passion for aviation, skiing, fishing, and dancing shines through his creations. With 10 grandchildren, he keeps busy sharing his beloved models. He's simply "plane nuts!"

Soda Can Airplanes for Sale at Etsy

Discover unique handcrafted soda can airplanes and accessories on Etsy. From Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper to Miller Lite and Yuengling, these artful creations are made with care and attention to detail. Whether you're a collector or looking for a distinctive gift, these handcrafted wind spinners and sun catchers will add a touch of aviation-inspired charm to any space.