Find an aluminum can airplane to build. This is a list of websites that are selling pop can airplane plans.

Aluminum Can Craft Plans
Purchase plans for cars, locomotives, airplanes, motorcycles and more, and all are made out of aluminum cans. 

Can Airplane Plans

If you like airplanes you will enjoy making these really neat aluminum can airplanes. Pick the plan that best suits you.

Beverage Can Airplanes

You can make your own aluminum can airplanes just by following the pattern for the plane you choose.

Airplane Patterns

Build an airplane from recycled aluminum cans. These plans have step by step instructions and detailed illustrations.

Recycled Aluminum Airplanes

Here are unique airplanes made out of aluminum cans and you pick the soda or beer can you want it made out of.

Aluminum Racing Plane

Here is a fun plan for a racing plane built out of soda cans. You can order the plans, plus the hardware kit for this creative project.

Soda or Beer Can Planes

Have fun choosing an airplane made out of your favorite beverage can. You just might want more than one.

Aluminum Can Crafts

Here you can buy plans or already built trains, planes and ships. Take a look at these interesting aluminum can models.